Cotton is one of the products in the fiber family, but when it comes to cotton some people are allergic or sensitive to it so one should know its pros and cons when working with it.

Cotton Pros:

  • Cotton is a relatively light-weight fiber that is good for summer clothing and accessories.
  • It is quite breathable and comfortable to wear next to the skin.
  • Cotton can easily be dyed in a dizzying array of colors, so no matter what you’re favorite color is, you’re bound to find a shade of cotton to match your every desire.
  • Cotton is strong, durable and machine-washable. It starts out soft and actually gets softer the more you wash it.
  • It is usually inexpensive, though you are often rewarded with better quality when you pay a little more.
  • Cotton usually holds together well and doesn’t pill.
  • Cotton shows every stitch, which can be positive or negative, depending on how you’re knitting that day!
  • Cotton thread is made by 100% cotton. With good sewability and low elongation, this thread will not affected by needle heat or pressing. It’s special for pure cotton apparel and other cotton products.
  • Uses the import 100% cotton by combing, and shares, staining and coiling, and singeing, mercerizing, high density of twisting, has high tension, widely used in cotton clothing and other cotton fabric for sewing use.


The characteristics of product:

  1. Better moisture absorption.
  2. Excellent heat resistance.
  3. Health and good performance.



28/2, 28/3, 28/4, 28/6, 28/2 LT, 18/2 (H.T) & 18/3 (H.T).



1000yds to 10000yds/cone, or 0.5kg to 2.0kg/cone.